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Scope & Tripod Travel Backpack

The Viking backpack provides generous space for a large amount of internal storage and gives total flexibility as to how you wish to organise the interior. The flexibility comes from the Velcro dividers used to create compartments sized to suit your requirements. This compartment system also means that your not set to one configuration and it can easily be adjusted to suit what ever equipment you need on the day, giving you total flexibility to adapt the interior of the backpack to accommodate any number of different products or configurations. The central compartment is perfectly suited to carrying a scope or telephoto lens offering additional protection due to the padding. There is also a large storage pocket located at the front of the pack, which gives ample room to store items such as maps, books as well as smaller accessories (memory cards etc). The entire interior of the centre section has been lined with a soft padding which is designed to protect and keep snug, any optical equipment during transit. This padding is also effectively used on the exterior of the backpack where it is applied to the arm straps and back plate to ensure that the pack sits comfortably on your shoulders. The backpack has also been designed using weight saving but strong materials, which ensure that it does not add extra weight on top of any heavy equipment you may want to carry. The material used gives the backpack a rugged and durable feel, which will help protect your equipment from the elements.


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