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Digital filters for
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b&w before and after

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Black and White (cool)
Enhance Colors
Soft Focus

With the software filters of the B+W Portrait you can enhance your digital photos in no time at all.  You can set the picture focus as desired, turn color photos into high-quality black-and-white pictures, plunge pictures of all kinds into mysterious moonlight, and much more.  The B+W filters can be used quite easily, and hence make professional image editing easy for everyone.

B+W software filters are plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop which are installed in the programs Adobe® Photoshop®, Photoshop® Elements, Photo Paint®, as well as in other compatible image editing programs.  After installation, you will find the B+W software filters under the Filter or Plug-In menu of your image editing program.  Adobe® Photoshop® or Photoshop® Elements will display them under the menu item "Filter. " In order to use a B+W software filter, simply select it from the menu and begin with your image corrections.

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