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C205L Black
Inov8 C205L
Features of the slim and stylish C205L

5x Zoom Lens 
The C205L offers a high quality 5x zoom lens. Perfect for those wide-angle compositions as well as the striking close ups. 

20 Mega Pixels 
Offering an impressive 20 Megapixels, the C205L will capture the finer details in your photographs. Images are sharp, clear and produce spectacular colours, even when printing your captured memories. 

High Sensitivity ISO 
With a maximum sensitivity of 6400, your photos will appear natural even with limited light. 

Digital Image Stabilisation 
The C205L is capable of automatically increasing the shutter speed when blurred objects are detected, ensuring your images are crisp and sharp. 

HDTV-compatible Video 
Offering 1280x720 and recording up to 29minutes the C205L lets you discover the full impact of HD Video. There is a simple record button on the camera, keeping things simple. If it's a windy day, there is an additional setting to cut out wind background noise, allowing for perfect videos no matter what. 

Face Detection 
Face detection optimizes pictures when photographing people by detecting their faces and adjusting the focus and exposure to ensure precise, great images. 
Blink Detection: The camera will automatically warn you when people in the frame are blinking, giving you options to take the photo again, save it, or delete. 

2.7 LCD 
A bright and large display on the back side of the camera makes it easy to review your pictures, or share them thanks to the high-impact 230,000-dot resolution 

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